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About Us - Crew

Here is some information about the people who are bringing this motion picture to life.

click here for secret videosPeter John Ross - co-director / co-writer / producer

About award winning filmmaker Peter John Ross & Sonnyboo Productions – Founded in 1999, Sonnyboo short films have played on 3 continents and at over 50 film festivals worldwide. Projects directed by Peter John Ross appear on Bravo UK, Tech TV, National Lampoon Networks, Movieola the short film channel, & The “U” Network. Sonnyboo films and Peter John Ross have been noted in such publications as RES Magazine, Ain’t It Cool News, Computer Arts, Camcorder & Computer Video magazine, Film & Video Magazine, LA Weekly, Film Threat, the Village Voice, & Internet Video Magazine.

click here for secret videosJohn Whitney - co-director / co-writer/editor

Originally from Dayton, Ohio, John moved to Columbus in 1987 to study film at the Ohio State University. For the past 14 years, John has worked in the Columbus market in film and television production. He has worked on over 400 television commercials and a hand full of independent feature films, most recently on the film Green Card Fever. As a Director, John has been at the helm of music videos as well as short films including “The Greater Good” and “Solve for X,” which was nominated for best drama at the 2001 Ohio Independent Film Festival in Cleveland. His most recent project, “Passion,” was named the Overall Winner of the 2004 Sixty Second Film competition. His commercial, “The Mission,” for Milwaukee’s Pickles, won the coveted silver Telly at the 2003 “Telly” Awards competion. John lives with his wife Jen and son Kirk in Grove City, Ohio.

click here for secret videosPhilip R. Garrett - producer

Originally from Springfield, Ohio, Phil studied business at Ohio University. He worked in the software/internet industry for a number of years, first in Ohio and then California where he also studied film and television. In 2000, Phil switched careers when he joined DreamWorks
where he worked in visual effects on on a number of films, including "The Mexican," "Evolution," and Steven Spielberg's "Artificial Intelligence: A.I." and "Minority Report." He later moved into production at DreamWorks Animation, where he worked on "Shrek" and this summer's "Madagascar," and served as production supervisor of animation on the DreamWorks blockbuster "Shrek 2." Phil's next role was that of associate production manager for the "Shrek 2" DVD, and more than 30 "Shrek 2" related commercials. In 2004, Phil returned to Ohio where he has worked in pre-production for Disney. In addition to his feature film work, Phil has worked on a number of independent short films in various roles including writer, director, producer, cinematographer, and

CLICK HERE for Phil's site

click here for secret videosSean Reid - producer

Sean was born in Cleveland, Ohio. After attending Sonoma State University in California, his first job was at America’s Funniest Home Video. This lead to his working for the Home and Garden Network, CBS News, NBC Television and eventually a five year stint at E! Entertainment Television, where he directed musical performances featuring Smashmouth, Everclear, Peter Frampton and Steel Pulse to name a few. After leaving E! he worked for Fox Television on several shows and then directed and produced the DVD Premiere Awards with host Ben Stein. In 2003 he wrapped up directing, writing and producing his first feature film “Redemption”. After successful film festival appearances in Los Angeles and Toronto “Redemption” was distributed by Artisan Home Entertainment. In 2004 Sean returned to Ohio and currently works as a producer/writer for Stonekap Productions in Canton.

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click here for secret videosTony Kandah, Hollywood Wizard - Sales Agent, Executie Producer

Hollywood Wizard is a full service motion picture company that produces and distributes profitable independent feature film and television product for a worldwide audience. With an Overhead and Development Fund through which it expects to develop for production up to 20 low-budget motion pictures over the next five years. The Company has begun assembling a slate of Projects in various stages of development in order to quickly position itself as a dynamic, productive, go-to independent production Company.

CLICK HERE for the Hollywood Wizard site


click here for secret videosGreg Sabo- cinematographer

Greg Sabo is a freelance Cinematographer. He studied film and television at Ohio University and graduated in 1987. He worked his way up the ranks. First as a camera assistant for 3 years and then as a gaffer for another 8 years. He has worked with many well know directors and cinematographers through out his career. He began lensing commercials in 1997. Since that time Greg has worked his way up from a regional shooter to sought after DP for national commercials and television shows. He owns two 35mm camera, one Super 16mm camera and recently added a Varicam HD. He is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600.

CLICK HERE for Greg's cinemtography site

click here for secret videosScott Spears - cinematographer

Scott Spears has been working in film and video production for over seventeen years. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a Masters Degree in Cinema from the Ohio State University. He has shot fourteen feature films, numerous short films, commercials and music videos. Scott won an Emmy Award for his photography on the short film, "The Birthmark" which aired nationally on PBS.

Scott's most recent projects have been the sci-fi action films "Iron Thunder" and "Unseen" and the drama "Foreign Correspondents" starring Wil Wheaton, Corin Nemec and Melaine Lynsky. Also, he shot the thriller “A Letter from Death Row” featuring Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Brett Michaels.

CLICK HERE for Scott's site


The Cast

Jon Osbeck

Joe Lorenzo

Jason Morris

Louie Cowan

Chip Kocel

Milan A. Cargould

David Carroll

Kim Carey

Dan Kiely

Brandy Seymour

Megan Pillar

Sean Velie

C. Alec Rossel

Ryan Velie

Michael Evanichko

Joe Shaw

Micah Jenkins

also starring

Mike Kadlec

Ken Wilson

Zack Star

Dave Gigliati

Neal Havener

Andy Kramer

Eric Paul

Pat Emig

Dave Sanderson

Mel Caskey

Harry Pearson

Jeff Kennelly

the re-enactors

The 352nd Infantry

The members of the 352nd, like most other historical impressionist units, are students of history. They are dedicated to portraying historical lessons of significant time periods. We all know that the German Army had over 10 million infantry men, but there are only a handful of units portraying the Wehrmacht today. This unit has chosen a typical, non-elite, German infantry persona of WWII. Our impression is enhanced with the SIG-33 Field Artillery Gun which is fired at events.

CLICK HERE for their official site

28th Division 110th Rgt " I " Co

WWII Airmens Preservation Society




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